Convert new advertisers with the Waymark plugin

Picture it: your platform, with an opportunity-generating AI engine built right in.

AI video has made it possible to turn the creative barrier into a creative catalyst. Use the Waymark plugin to give your prospects an ad worth showcasing; and then offer them a stage.

Our award-winning, AI video creator is nestled right within your platform. That means that potential advertisers can create their spot, book their campaign, and go live immediately.

Activate users and turn interest into revenue on the spot with the Waymark plugin.

Your plugin. Your way.


“It really is amazing how easy Waymark has made it to create professional grade commercials. That’s helped us unlock TV and streaming advertising for thousands of businesses nationwide.”

Timm Chiusano

VP of Production and Creative Services

Options for every application

Video creation isn't one-size-fits-all; neither is the Waymark plugin. We've engineered it to be customizable and adjustable to suit any environment. Build and design your own.

+ Waymark branded or white-labeled 
+ Flexible pricing that scales with use (never pay for more than what you use)
+ Unlimited generations for your users
+ Expansive, fully-licensed stock image, footage and audio libraries
+ Hi-res renders for TV, streaming and digital display
+ Bilingual support (English and Spanish)

Why Waymark?

Put your users in the producer's seat.

Our user-friendly plugin places the full power of Waymark's AI video creator directly into your workflows. Revolutionize user experience and give them unmatched creative power - without ever leaving your platform.

Flexible Pricing

We’ve designed transparent, scalable pricing tailored to your growth. No hidden fees, no setup costs—just fair billing that aligns with your usage.

Frictionless Video Creation

With our radically easy interface, your users can turn a simple website URL into fully produced, stunning videos right on your site. Hand your visitors their own instantly  produced commercial, and turn them into advertisers on the spot.

Make advertising as easy as online shopping.

Offer a radically new advertising experience. The Waymark plugin makes signing new ad partners a self-serve, 24/7 experience.

Access Developer Documentation

Redefine the landscape of video creation. Make Waymark's plugin part of your platform, and watch as it inspires your users and unlocks more creativity, more engagement, and more wins.

Let’s Get Started

Ready to explore integration? Connect with our team today and let us help you tap into more interest, more partners, and more revenue - instantly.