Enter: the Radio Resurgence, with Waymark.
Seamlessly Transition From Audio to Video. Amplify Visibility. Boost Revenue.

Ride the digital wave.

Ride the new digital wave in radio advertising with Waymark, your AI-powered video ad generator.

Embrace the future of radio bundling by packaging high-quality, affordable video ads into your offerings. Our streamlined process allows you to venture into digital territory - tapping into a new market without losing sight of your loyal, established client base.

With Waymark at the helm, you can transform your trusted relationships into pioneering partnerships leading the advertising future.

Before Waymark

  • Limited ad potential in audio-only formats.

  • Reliant on production teams to offer agency quality video.

  • Struggling to stay afloat in the rise of video advertising.

  • Competing with video-based digital domination.

  • Well-built relationships stagnating due to outdated offerings.

  • Long lead times = lost opportunities.


  • A broader array of media options with video ads.

  • Entry into TV advertising at an affordable rate.

  • Recaptured market share from media competitors. 

  • Advertising packages that can go toe-to-toe with digital.

  • Long-standing client relationships transformed into innovative, future-focused partnerships.


It's been a game changer.
The turnaround time makes this a huge asset to our line of work.
Waymark is the secret weapon to onboarding small business clients.
They think it’s going to be all this work and time that they don’t have. We come in and without the client having to do a single thing, the commercial is there and ready to buy.