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Every Waymark template is a complete, professionally-produced piece of video creative — because that’s the kind of uncompromising quality you need to drive results.

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for everything.

Our commercials are completely TV-Ready*— they’ve run on the best channels and networks with millions of ad dollars behind them. We also have the seal of approval from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram that our templates are built to perform on their platforms.

With video for TV, OTT, and Digital, we’re the only platform with video certified for every channel.

* Waymark “TV-Ready” videos are fully certified and licensed 1920x1080p .mov files running at 29:9 with -10DB audio. They’re industry tested and QA qualified to meet all major broadcast requirements.

16:9 in 30 and 15 sec variations
16:9, 9:16, 4:5, and 1:1 in 30 and 15 sec variations
9:16, 4:5, and 1:1 in 30,15, and 6 sec variations
9:16, 4:5, and 1:1 in 30,15, and 6 sec variations

For us, the creative is everything. we eat, sleep, and breathE commercials.

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the best.

Waymark is built by Squarespace, Apple, FOX, and Comcast alums — the best of the best in creative, media, and technology. Our team of expert directors, designers, and developers collaborate every day to bring you the perfect mix of tried-and-true and innovation.

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Fortune 500.

The biggest and best companies trust our creative and technology to perform when the stakes are high. Industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies rely on our premium creative and easy-to-use technology to power their advertising sales.

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the industry.

Our product and team are repeatedly recognized as the best in the business. Waymark is used and loved by small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. With awards from Google, Adweek, Digital Dealer, and more, our solutions have been certified by industry leaders.

WE USE Only the best Fonts, IMAGES, MUSIC, and footage in OUR templates

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Are you selling advertising? Scale up your video production without sacrificing quality.

We’ll build you an exclusive, branded collection of templates so your sales or creative team can start making premium, custom commercials for every client. It just might change the face of your advertising business.

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Above: ‘Run Deep’, a Subaru campaign spot made localizable for Subaru dealers

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