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Close more deals with creative-backed selling.
Win over your local market with AI-produced ads.

Why Waymark?

“Show, don’t tell,” is nothing new in the media world. Creative-first sales have been around since the Yellow Pages. Until now, though, we simply couldn’t bring it to television - it was simply too much, and too expensive to produce spec content for every potential advertiser.

Waymark has changed that.

Our AI platform isn’t about reinventing the sales process - it’s about using new technology to enable an established tactic that works. See why media sales teams achieve up to a 200x ROI (you read that right) when they use Waymark as part of their local-direct sales strategy.

Before Waymark

  • Spec creative is too expensive and time-consuming to produce for every opportunity.

  • AEs pitch to clients without any supporting creative.

  • Prospects delete sales emails and ignore calls.

  • Conversations require endless follow ups.

  • Campaigns take forever to start.

  • Long lead times = lost opportunities.


  • AEs make their own spec spots, on the spot.

  • Prospects see themselves onscreen and want to know more.

  • Conversations automatically move forward.

  • Campaigns start instantly and air for longer.

  • Instant production = instant wins in time-sensitive sales.


This is the best prospecting tool I have used in over 25 years selling television advertising.
I have used commercials as specs to sell a campaign, as solutions to increase traffic, and as branding campaigns. The quality of the commercials is fabulous.
My clients are amazed by the quality and how professional the final product is.
Waymark is the secret weapon to onboarding small business clients.
I LOVE Waymark. It has helped me SOOOO much in getting new business.