Future proof campaigns with instant video ads.
Bridge the gap from print to screen.

Tell a new story.

The print world is evolving. While its pedigree is timeless, the tug of digital is undeniable. That's where Waymark comes in. 

We make it possible to extend your prestige into the realm of video ads, maintaining your core values while elevating your appeal to a broader audience.

Before Waymark

  • Stagnation in a largely digital world.

  • Difficulty adapting print nuances into effective video ads.

  • Limited resources and know-how to transition into digital media. 

  • Lack of interest from newer clients.

  • Struggle to compete with video-first audience preferences.

  • Shrinking revenue and overstretched sales teams.


  • Spec spots - a print sales staple - are back in the game.

  • A comprehensive approach to advertising, built to thrive in the digital era. 

  • Multi-media packages that appeal to more prospects.

  • Rapid-turnaround video ads that leverage existing media assets.

  • An instant path to future-focused advertising. 


Our team loves Waymark!"
Thank you all for creating such a great product. I love making these spots."
A very useful tool."
Waymark is the secret weapon to onboarding small business clients."
This is giving my advertisers a great new option."