About Us

We’re on a mission.

At Waymark, we believe great video should be accessible to everyone and we’re building the tools to make that a reality.

Whether you're a brand, enterprise, media platform, agency, or even a small business, Waymark’s anyone-can-edit video technology makes it easy to scale video and accelerate your business. With Waymark, anyone can make beautiful videos effortlessly. No creativity required.

We’re a team of tenacious people who don’t take no for an answer and live at the intersection of design and technology. We launched Waymark in 2017 and have been building it with care ever since.

Meet the Team

Nathan Labenz
Matthew Saskin
Alex Persky-Stern
Stephen Loggins Parker
Josua Rubin
Executive Producer
Tom Glaszek
VP Business Development
Scott Anderson
VP Development
Matt Kahl
VP Development
John Caponigro
Director of Customer Success
Maggie Hughes
Director of Special Ops.
Dylan Box
Lead Developer
Samantha Stewart
Product Developer
Ryan Geyer
Product Developer
Mark McPherson
Ariel Grunewald
Client Success Manager
Megan Zabik
Client Success Manager
Lindsey Sullivan
Customer Support Manager
Tommy Herrmann
Motion Design/Online
Zach Poley
Online Specialist
Tim Killeen
General Counsel
In loving memory:
Nick Virag

Brand Guide & Logos

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