Your CTV Checklist: Advertising on Hulu

Written by
Asrah Mohammed
Published on
May 10, 2023

CTV (or Connected TV) refers to any device that streams video over the internet: this includes set-top boxes, TV sticks, consoles, and even TVs themselves! If you’ve ever watched content using a Roku stick, a Chromecast, a Playstation, or an Apple TV - you’ve used a CTV device. 

Connected TV (CTV) represents one of the fastest growing opportunities in video advertising today. As audiences have shifted to these platforms, the number of CTV providers has exploded. It can be difficult to keep up, which is why we’ve started our CTV Checklist series. These quick overviews will brief you on current CTV channels, their viewership and status, and what it looks like to advertise with them.

Platform Overview: Hulu

Hulu is a familiar name - for good reason. It’s currently one of the leading streaming services for watching TV shows and movies, with 48 million subscribers at the beginning of 2023

Hulu, with its wide reach, brand reputation, and popular content, presents a huge opportunity for advertisers to reach viewers in a premium environment. 

Advertising on Hulu: Getting Started

Of all of the major CTV platforms, Hulu offers one of the most straightforward paths to advertising.

To advertise with them, you’ll need to sign up for the Hulu Ad Manager, Hulu’s self-serve ad platform, or an agency partner. Hulu Ad Manager allows you to direct your ad campaign yourself, with just a few clicks. From the Ad Manager, you can control your schedule and spend, and target viewers based on demographic info like age, location and genre preferences. Costs vary based on factors like targeting, time of year and ad position. Advertisers can upload their videos directly to the Ad Manager and have approval in as little as 72 hours.

Technical Requirements:

Advertisers interested in airing a video ad on Hulu should be aware of the following technical requirements: 

- Bit Rate: 10 Mbps - 40 Mbps

- Codec ID: Apple ProRes 422 HQ (Preferred); H.264 (Accepted)

- Dimensions: 1920x1080 (Preferred); 1280x720 (Accepted)

- Display Aspect Ratios: All files must be in 16:9. Not accepted are files in 2.39:1, 1.375:1, 3:4, or 4:3 formats.

- Duration: 15-30 seconds

- File Format: .mov or .mp4

- File Size: Max. 10 GB

- Frame Rate: 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30 fps

- Frame Rate Mode: Constant

- Things to know: Hulu will not display video ads that use the “Hulu” name, word, mark or logo in any form, including, but not limited to, voiceover, promotional codes, or text overlay within a Hulu Ad Manager video advertisement. Hulu video commercials are not directly clickable on most devices. Call-to-Action buttons that look clickable and include copy like “Learn More” or “Buy Now” are not permitted. Hashtags and QR Codes are not accepted.

Waymark <3 Hulu

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