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The Frost: Part Two - Trailer Reveal

Written by
Josh Rubin
Published on

Earlier this year, we started working on "The Frost," a sci-fi short film made with AI-generated imagery. We aimed to create a whole story using text-to-image prompts and ended up being recognized by MIT Technology Review as innovators in AI filmmaking.

With the success of Part One, we were eager to start Part Two. That's when Runway Gen-2 came into the picture, allowing us to generate up to 18 seconds of 24fps video at a time. This new tech was a game-changer compared to our previous process, where we manually animated images created by DALL·E 2. Runway Gen-2 brought new possibilities and challenges, but like our characters in the film, we're ready to take them on.

For "The Frost," we've always focused on the collaboration between humans and AI, and that continues with Part 2. The introduction of text-to-video, as well as significant improvements in AI VO, have inspired us and will help the film evolve. We've just finished a trailer full of text-to-video scenes, and we're excited to continue working on Part Two.

Expect a mix of discoveries and mysteries as our scientists explore the signal atop the mountain. Stay tuned for a journey that will be both enlightening and intriguing, set to be complete by the fall's end.


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