Purpose Jobs Recognizes Waymark as Best Place to Work in 2023

Written by
Asrah Mohammed
Published on
November 1, 2022

Detroit, MI Purpose Jobs, the Midwest’s largest startup and tech community, today announced Waymark to its list of best places to work in Midwest tech in 2023. The list covered companies headquartered and hiring in the following cities: Ann Arbor, Chicago, Columbus, Cincinnati, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Cleveland and more.

“It always feels good to be recognized for the most important things,” said Alex Persky-Stern, CEO of Waymark. “If you ask anyone what the best thing about Waymark is, you’re almost guaranteed they’ll say that it’s the people. I feel really lucky to work with such a great group, and committed to making sure it stays that way.”

Companies across the Midwest region (and those hiring in the Midwest) were evaluated based on culture, benefits, growth opportunities, commitment to people, and mission.

With the rise of inflation, economic uncertainty and layoffs across the board, talent has been rethinking their careers and purpose. Professionals are reprioritizing what’s important to them in a job. They’re looking for great cultures, growth opportunities, flexibility, and the chance to work in a purpose-driven environment.

As a Midwestern firm that’s leading the wave of generative AI tech to create stunning, professional-quality videos, Waymark has carved out a niche in the rapidly evolving digital media landscape. The company leads by example in being excellent to its people - both in and outside of the office. Waymark offers competitive compensation, flexible remote work arrangements, generous benefits, and meaningful opportunities for ownership and growth. Currently, the organization boasts a 4.9 rating on Glassdoor based on anonymous employee reviews with employee tenures far exceeding industry averages.

“Great workplaces are built on great cultures,” said Ryan Landau, founder and CEO of Purpose Jobs. “Top talent across the country and beyond are looking for purpose-driven organizations that put their people first and make building a healthy culture a priority. That’s what it means to be a best place to work.”

For more information and to see the full list of recipients, visit https://www.purpose.jobs/blog/best-places-to-work-detroit-2023

About Purpose Jobs

Purpose Jobs is the Midwest’s largest startup and tech community. They connect top talent with purpose-driven companies based on values, experience and culture. Purpose Jobs creates a human-first approach to job matching where employers have access to interview-ready candidates who have filled out a profile that highlights skills, experience, and cultural importance.

About Waymark

Waymark is a creative AI company harnessing the power of breakthrough technology to make video production faster and easier than ever before. With a radically simple natural language interface, Waymark makes it possible for anyone to produce professional quality commercials for any platform — including TV and OTT — in a matter of minutes. The company is based in Michigan and is privately held.


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