Building a community-focused media future

The Goal

Guide local partners through a video-first future.

Townsquare Media oversees a portfolio of over 354 radio stations across 74 US cities. Their mission is to amplify local voices and grow local businesses within their markets through marketing and advertising.

As a trusted advisor for many long-standing SMB partners, Townsquare Media has guided entrepreneurs and local business owners through an ever-changing media landscape. With media consumption switching rapidly to video, Townsquare needed a way to help their partners seize the opportunity - without breaking the bank.

The Challenge

Video is expensive for small businesses. TV-quality video is simply out of reach for most of them.

Many of Townsquare Media’s potential local partners simply didn’t have the time and resources to commit to the level of production needed to embrace the new wave of video advertising. This meant that they remained locked out of TV.

Enter Waymark



With Waymark's AI, Townsquare Media’s sales team could create compelling commercials for their local advertising partners. Best of all, they could do this completely by themselves, in under five minutes. 



Waymark’s platform automated every stage of production - script writing, asset compilation, music, even voice-over. When production became so radically easy, TV advertising suddenly seemed like a real possibility for local partners. 



Because production was instant with Waymark’s AI, Townsquare Media could generate limitless video ads on tight deadlines - perfect for sales, events, or other limited-time opportunities.

The Results

In the first five months of use, Townsquare Media used AI video to create 250 video ads and get nearly 200 clients on air. 


Specs created

In the first five months of use, Townsquare Media leveraged Waymark’s AI to generate fast and affordable content for clients at a rate of over 65 videos every week.


Small business ads aired

Townsquare Media’s partners ran nearly 300 ad campaigns made possible through AI-generated video. 


Total completed projects

Townsquare media and its clients used Waymark’s AI to boost operations across the board, producing over 200 rendered commercial projects. 


Local businesses on air

In a span of five months, Townsquare Media helped to get nearly 200 small local businesses on air with instant, affordable video. 


It's been a game changer. Spec ads in proposals has been great. Speed to action has been great. Pretty excited about it.
Love the simplicity.
This is so easy- and fast- love it!
A great tool for a presale video option.