Bringing TV to the SMB Market

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The Goal

Bring TV advertising to every business.

TV drives some of the best results in advertising. As of 2021, TV ad spending in the U.S. amounted to 66 billion U.S. dollars. However, this landscape has been dominated by large brands with bigger budgets for decades.

Spectrum Reach has been working to change that.

They’ve partnered with local businesses across 91 markets, and found ways to make cable advertising more targeted, trackable and affordable for them. Despite this progress, they discovered that actually producing advertising creative remained a huge barrier for many small business owners. Together, Spectrum Reach and AI video production platform Waymark found a way to solve this.

The Challenge

For new businesses, one of the biggest barriers to TV advertising is access to TV-quality creative.

Spectrum Reach’s in-house creative team is well equipped to provide top-tier commercials for their clients with a creative budget. However, many small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) and new advertisers simply didn’t have the time and resources to commit to that kind of traditional production. This meant that they remained locked out of TV advertising.

Spectrum Reach saw the potential for new creative technology to make quick, cost-effective, and compelling commercials available to every partner, regardless of their size or budget. They joined forced with Waymark to make this a reality.

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Spectrum Reach used Waymark’s AI video
generator to offer local businesses spec spots
and a no-cost creative package from the first
meeting. That way, their account executives
(AEs) could remove the creative barrier and
help local businesses get excited and on air.



With Waymark's AI, Spectrum Reach AE’s could create compelling commercials by themselves in minutes and show
up ready to “wow” customers at every meeting.



Waymark’s platform took almost no training, so there was no painful onboarding or “change management.” Spectrum Reach's innovative staff and customers rapidly adopted it to scale video production and reduce the cost of on-air advertising.



Spectrum Reach creative standards meant that the team couldn't settle for generic. Waymark's exclusive creative
elements helped them continue to raise the bar. Waymark helped Spectrum Reach offer videos that inspired and engaged from the get-go.

The Results


Specs created

In 2022, Spectrum Reach’s team leveraged Waymark’s AI to generate fast and affordable content for clients at a rate of 200 videos every week.


SMB campaigns enabled

In 2022, Spectrum Reach’s partners ran over $11,000,000 in ad campaigns made possible by AI-generated video creative.


Total completed projects

Spectrum Reach and its clients used
Waymark’s AI to boost operations across the board, producing over 4,000 rendered commercial projects.


Average production time saved

With Waymark, video production that typically took four or more hours was cut down to an average of 15 minutes for a complete, ready-to-air spot. This meant time and money saved for both Spectrum Reach and their SMB partners.


Waymark empowers our creative and sales teams, as well as our clients, with an option that addresses multiple creative needs in one tool, allowing businesses of all sizes to create fast, affordable, and timely promotional messaging. Through our partnership with Waymark, we are able to offer limitless variations on our clients’ campaigns, which has strengthened our services at all levels, and helped our clients reach their creative goals.

Timm Chiusano

VP of Production & Creative Services

If you're not using Waymark, shame on you.

Account Executive

Spectrum Reach

“Waymark helps open doors to new and existing clients. Over the years, I have found that new clients typically get ‘hung up’ on what they want to say in their ads. By giving them a sample ad, it gets them thinking and often speeds up the sales process!”

Account Executive

Spectrum Reach

Creative is half the battle so if I can use Waymark as the closer I do! Plus, no other media in my market offers creative at no charge so it’s a game changer! Waymark definitely helps start a business relationship off on the right foot, especially smaller businesses or a business that has never advertised.

Account Executive

Spectrum Reach