Opening new possibilities for the local ad market 

The Goal

Remove obstacles to local ad partnerships

KOAM is a multi-state television station, and was the first station on the air in the Joplin, MO and Pittsburgh, KS areas.

As a pioneer in the region, KOAM serves their area as a trusted guide in local advertising. Regional SMBs trust KOAM to connect them to consumers in the area through their multiple channels and programming.

When it came to TV advertising, KOAM found that local businesses often had the same objections: that advertising was too expensive and time consuming, and that they couldn’t afford the creative.

They set out to solve that problem for their partners.

The Challenge

KOAM’s local business partners were balking at the production time and cost involved in creating TV-ready commercials. Often, prospective local partners had ruled out the possibility of on-screen advertising before the conversation even started.

KOAM’s team needed a way to move past that hurdle. It was too expensive to rely on their in-house production team to produce a fully-fledged commercial for every potential client and every conversation.

That’s when they found Waymark.


KOAM used Waymark as a value add for their partners. They used the video generation platform to solve the problem of inaccessible creative for both their sales team and clients.



With Waymark's AI-driven platform and pre-built creative templates, every account executive could create compelling TV ads in minutes, with minimal work. This meant that they could walk into prospect conversations with a potential commercial in-hand.



KOAM’s busy and active sales team was focused on closing deals - not becoming video production experts. Because Waymark generated videos for them, they didn’t have to learn any creative skills and could simply collect spec spots at the click of a button. This cleared a direct path for them to get back to their real goal: selling inventory.



KOAM knew that if it was going to open with a spec spot, it needed to be a great one. Waymark's exclusive creative elements helped them raise the bar. With 1300+ commercial narratives, handcrafted assets, and fully licensed stock footage and imagery, Waymark created videos that moved, inspired and engaged from the get go.

The Results


Active Waymark sellers

Waymark’s simple, user-friendly platform has been adopted by 12 KOAM sellers - including staff without any creative background.


Commercial Specs Created

KOAM’s team has generated 72 commercials on Waymark’s platform - without having to call in their professional production team.


Faster Production Time

Waymark can create complete commercials in minutes. KOAM’s team harnessed that speed to accelerate turnarounds and sales.


Clients think it’s going to be all this work and time that they don’t have. We come in and without the client having to do a single thing, the commercial is there and ready to buy. This is a helpful way to get movement from stagnant prospects.

Team Member


It’s translating into more clients and more revenue.

Team Member


We were trying to get a corporation to do some advertising with us. We showed them [a Waymark spot] and their words were basically, when can we get started.

Team Member


Basically, you just need to know how to use the computer, which all of our sales team knows how to do, and you can create your own spot from scratch. It’s really been a great tool for us.

Team Member