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How it Works 3: ERSGAN Image Upscaling

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Asrah Mohammed
Published on

Video ads - particularly those for larger screens - call for high-quality images and footage. Without them, visuals lose clarity, impact and effectiveness. 

Unfortunately, many small businesses lack the equipment, expertise and capital required to maintain large, high-resolution image libraries. While most have some visual assets, many don’t have enough that meet all of the specifications to fill a full-length ad intended for multichannel display. With AI, we found a way to help them with that. 

Enter image upscaling

We’ve built image upscaling into our platform to help enhance image and logo quality. Upscaling involves improving resolution through increasing the number of pixels in an image. The key is to do this in a way that doesn’t drastically change it.


ESRGAN (Enhanced Super-Resolution Generative Adversarial Networks) is a neural network that “upscales” images to improve their quality. ESRGAN uses a technique called super-resolution.

The result is an upscaled image that looks much better than the original. ESRGAN is able to improve the quality of images by a significant margin, and it is becoming increasingly popular for use across a variety of applications. In the Waymark platform, it is automatically applied to logos, and users can choose to deploy it on individual images as they see fit. 

Ready-to-Air Images with AI

Our use of the ESRGAN model is an ideal example of where we think AI shines in our platform: in taking breakthrough capabilities and applying them to daily problems. Tools like ESRGAN open new marketing possibilities for all businesses - even those without dedicated creative and production teams. 


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