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Promoted video ads on Pinterest are one of the most effective ways to capture attention and drive action. Create pinterest video ads that will inspire and tell a story. Explore our collection of templates, choose one to personalize, and get started. We’re the Pinterest Video Maker you’ve been searching for.

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Quick and eye-catching.

15-second Pinterest video ads are easy to make and can pack a powerful punch.

A little more time to tell your story.

Video can be up to 30 minutes on Pinterest, but around 30 seconds or less is the sweet spot for the most engaging length of video.

Vertically optimized for mobile.

The vast majority of Pinterest users engage with the social platform on mobile. Use one of these templates or any of our other vertical videos to make the most of their mobile screens.

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Why advertise with video on Pinterest?

According to Pinterest, more than 200 million people across the globe visit the platform each month to find new ideas and inspiration for their hobbies, life, work, and everything else under the sun. There are over 100 billion pins on the platform, and 85% of Pinterest searches happen on mobile - a hugely meaningful number when it comes to whether or not you should use video on Pinterest (hint: the answer is you should).

It’s always been possible to pin links to videos elsewhere on the web to Pinterest. That said, Pinterest has grown their video capabilities in recent years to make it a focus of the ad formats on the platform. They are continuously adding new features for video content and the ability to distribute it to Pinterest users. Some video pins will play automatically in the feed, search results, or any boards.

Video is the most engaging style of pin, but you don't just have to take our word for it - 67% of Pinterest users say that video pins inspire them to take action. In their promoted video ad case studies, Pinterest also found that video ads were 4x more memorable than non-video.

Waymark has quick, easy, clean, and engaging video that can be used for advertising effectively.

How to make Pinterest video ads

Ready to put together a powerful video to use as a promoted video on Pinterest?

Our online video maker is fast and easy to use. We take pride in producing exceptional templates that are built to perform, but we also focus on making the process of editing them great.

  1. Find a Waymark video template that you feel fits with your brand and products
  2. Personalize your video with our online editor. Define your message succinctly, upload your logo and photos, and choose your music and colors on select templates.
  3. Sign up for a Waymark account to save your video. It just takes a few seconds.
  4. Download your completed and ready-to-post HD video file to your phone or desktop.
  5. Upload the video to Pinterest as branded content, or use it as a Promoted Video to use Pinterest’s ad capabilities to get it in front of the right people.

How does Promoted Video work on Pinterest?

Promoted Video offers the ability to upload clips as pins to help people who don't already follow your brand discover you and engage with you through motion and sound, not just images. Promoted video will automatically play in the feeds of those you target while they are browsing and searching.

Promoted Video supports vertical, wide, and square video formats. It’s also available in two formats: what Pinterest refers to as “standard width” and “max width.” Standard width is the size of a typical pin, while max width will double your pin size to take up more of the feed. This feature is primarily for mobile, where it means that your pin will take up the entire width of the phone screen.

The videos will automatically play in feed once they are at least 50% in view, and then the user can tap to open your video and see it in close-up. Your video will also continuously loop in the feed.

Waymark has professionalism in product quality and engaging videos that can be used many times.

Tips for making great Pinterest video ads

  1. Make the first few seconds really count. As with a video ad anywhere, it’s important to draw your audience in right away. Define your primary message and what you want the user takeaway to be, and state it simply and briefly. Make sure your brand and the crux of your story are visible in the first 3 seconds of the video.
  2. Tell a compelling story. It’s not enough to include beautiful images that are disconnected — built a story by showing potential customers something that’s worth their time. Not just a list of product attributes, but something more compatible to the ethos of Pinterest. Users come to the platform to either learn something or be inspired, so keep that in mind. How is your brand going to change their life, style, way they see themselves?
  3. Show people your product in action. Maybe it’s through a how-to video, maybe it’s by showing someone else benefitting from your product.
  4. Include beautiful branding. Who are you and why are you in the Pinterest feed? Add your logo, taglines, and what you stand for. Give them a reason to engage with you further.
  5. End with a call to action. How can a viewer continue to learn about your brand? Point them to other content, your website, or a specific product so they’ll have somewhere to follow along.
  6. Keep it short and sweet. 30 seconds or under will maximize retention and get you your biggest bang for your buck. You’ll want to make sure that you maximize the likelihood that viewers will actually watch all the way through so they don’t miss a thing.

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