Behind the easy-to-use editor, Waymark is an incredibly thoughtful product. Here, you can find a comprehensive list of everything Waymark can do.

Premium Video Templates — Every Waymark template is a complete, professionally-produced piece of video creative crafted by our world-class design team. On our site, you’ll find an extensive collection of premium, ready-made templates built to perform on any platform.
Designed for Any Purpose — Waymark templates are designed for every industry, platform, objective, and use case. They can be personalized to reflect each.
Commission Custom Templates — Commission us to create custom templates exclusive to you and your team. We’ll produce them for you from scratch, all the way from storyboard to live on the site. Available with Enterprise.
Make Your Own Templates — With Enterprise, make your own templates with Adobe After Effects and the Waymark Studio Extension. You’ll be able to choose which parts of your creative will be editable by your team and lock the ones you want to be sure won't change.
Make Your Own Variant — Like one of our existing templates, but want to make it your own? Personalize it with your concept, colors, photos, and branding. Then, save it in your drafts and let us know — we’ll make it into an editable template for your team to use. Available with Enterprise.
Editing Experience
Easy-to-Use Interface — Our editing experience is built to be intuitive, smooth, and easy.
Instant Editing — When you make edits, you see your changes in real time. Our templates update instantly — no rendering required.
Complete Personalization — With thousands of combinations of personalization options, it only takes a few clicks to make your video unique.
In-Browser Editing — The Waymark editor can be accessed directly from our site, on all modern browsers. There’s no app, and nothing to download.
Full-Screen Editing — This distraction-free editing mode lets you edit your video using your full browser window.
Mobile Editing — Edit any video from your phone or tablet, in any modern browser. Our editor is optimized for mobile use and will look great and work smoothly whether you’re using it on mobile or desktop. Easily jump to top to preview while editing so your small screen will never be an issue.
Free Editing — It’s free to choose a template, edit it, and create a video on Waymark, so you can share with your team and clients to perfect your commercial before downloading.
Editing Tools
Auto-personalize — Enter your business name and city to automatically pull photos, customer reviews, an industry-specific script, your logo, and your business information into your video in seconds. Then, you can download and go, continue editing, or easily remove personalization and return the template to the default content.
Audio Selection — Choose from over 40 audio track options per template. Each template has one or several tracks perfectly cut to the beat of the template by our sound designers. You also have the option to choose from tracks sorted into High Energy, Laid Back, and Inspirational sections to enhance your visuals. 
Color Customization — Choose a color from 66 colors pre-selected by the Waymark design team. Or, enter your own custom hex codes to get precisely the colors you need, and save them for later use. If you’re not satisfied with your choices, easily restore the default colors with the click of a button.
Text Editing — Easily change the default template text by typing your message into the text box associated with the frame of the video you’d like to edit.
Font Selection — Choose from a curated set of 31 Google Fonts to change all the text in your video to a font that reflects your brand and objective.
Add Your Logo — Choose to add your logo or type your business name in each template. Upload your logo to your photo library, and select, crop, and edit it in the same way you would any other image.
Fine Print — Many of our TV-ready templates include a text box for legal text on the endscreen. It’s easy to add fine print, or just delete the default placeholder text if you have none to add.
Layout Options — Choose between multiple layouts for specific scenes within the template. For example, a template could include multiple layout options to change the end card of a video from a special offer to a call to action.
Image Editing
Cropping — Crop any image you add to your image library to fit in the template just the way you want it to. Use drag and drop cropping handles to adjust the point of focus for your image.
Fit & Fill — Fit your entire image to the space in the template, and add padding as needed. Choose a background color or transparency to show behind the image. Or, fill the image space in the template with your image in its original proportions.
Filters — Choose from 14 professional pre-set image filters to change the look & feel of your images on an individual basis.
Unsplash Integration — Find beautiful, free photography using the Unsplash integration within the image library. Use photos from curated collections, or search millions of images by keyword and aspect ratio. Add images to your library for use in your videos at any time.
Image Library — Store photos you upload or add from Unsplash for use in a later video. It’s also easy to remove images from your library at any time if they are no longer relevant. Save edited versions of your images to your library to reuse later.
Upload — Drag and drop any image from your computer, or use the “browse” button to find photos on your computer or mobile device to upload. You can upload images individually or multiple images at once.
Video Management
Save Drafts — Save your edits as video drafts on your “My videos” page. You can revisit them and start editing again at any time.
Make A Copy — Make a copy of any saved draft or purchased video so you don’t have to start from scratch if you’re making a similar video with the same template.
Rename Your Video — Easily distinguish between videos by editing the name of your video from the dropdown video beside it in “My videos.” The default template name will still be visible underneath the name you give your draft or purchased video.
Video Organization — Organize your drafts by last date edited, date created, or alphabetically, in ascending or descending order. Organize your purchased videos by all the same categories, plus date of purchase. Easily collapse the drafts or purchases section to view just what you need.
Video Sharing + Downloading
Previews — Share previews of your video drafts with teammates, clients, friends, or family before you purchase. When you make changes to your video, they’ll be reflected in the video at the same preview link.
Share Previews on Social — Share your preview link on Facebook and Twitter to get feedback on your draft.
Digital Downloads — Every Waymark template offers a standard quality 720p .mp4 file download. The most widely compatible file type, our .mp4 download has the recommended specs for all major digital platforms.
High-Quality Downloads — Many Waymark templates also offer a high-quality .mov file download. High-quality video downloads are 1920x1080p .mov files running at 29:9 with -10DB audio. They’re also industry tested and QA qualified.
TV-Ready Downloads — Many Waymark templates offer a TV-Ready .mov file download. TV-Ready video downloads are the same specs as our high-quality downloads, but they are also fully certified and licensed for use on local TV in the US.
Shareable Download Links — Purchased videos have shareable links you can send to your colleagues or clients so they can download your video files without them needing an account.
Collaborate with Drafts —Easily save a copy of someone else’s draft to your account with your white-labeled or branded preview link.
Enterprise FEATURES
Dedicated Account Manager — Every enterprise client gets support by phone and email from a dedicated account manager who will assist your team with any questions or concerns, provide training, custom reporting and invoicing, and be your point person for everything Waymark.
Training Webinars — We help you train your team to use Waymark with a series of personalized webinars. In some cases, we do in person trainings as well.
Custom Collateral — We design co-branded one-pagers, landing pages, emails and more to make sure you have the collateral you need to communicate about Waymark to your team efficiently and impactfully.
Reporting and Invoicing — You’ll receive a custom monthly usage report and invoice built to fit your needs.
Team Member Logins — Seamless bulk account creation for your whole team.
Account Admin Tools — Manage your team’s accounts with easy-to-use admin tools.
Data Feed Bulk Production — Leverage our data in, video out solution for automated production.
Custom API Integration — Provide an easy video creation experience within your product.
Single Sign-On — Login that’s simple and secure to keep your user data protected.
Custom Asset Libraries — Enterprise clients can add libraries of brand fonts, images, colors, logos, and music to the editor for their team to use.
Locked Elements — Choose what’s customizable and what’s not to allow for localization while ensuring quality and protecting the branded aspects of each video.
Concierge — Waymark’s Concierge service makes life easy for our enterprise users. Tell us a little about what you’re looking for, and one of our Concierge pros will create a draft video for you.
White-labeled Previews — We offer white-labeled preview links. They operate in the same way as our standard previews, without the Waymark branding.
Client Approval Workflow — Share drafts with your clients for their approval. Drafts are marked in “My videos” with the labels not approved, pending approval, and approved based on their stage in the client approval process.
Professional Voice Talent — Your voice-over will be executed by a member of our network of professional voice-over artists. Choose your tenor, gender, and mood to be paired with a voice actor who sounds just right.
Editing and Mixing — Every voice-over is professionally edited and mixed to make sure the sound is optimal in every way, not just voice performance.
Script Writing — Our voice-over team will write you a script perfectly suited to your video and important points. We'll send you a script for your approval before recording.
3-Day Turnaround — Your voiced video ad will be returned to you within 3 days of script approval.
One Edit — If our team made any mistakes, we’ll do a single round of edits to your voice-over.
Terms + Licensing
Licensed for Digital — All Waymark productions are fully licensed across digital platforms.
Licensed for TV — Many Waymark templates are licensed for use on local TV in the US. Any template licensed for TV is marked with a TV icon beside its name on our site.
Resale Rights — Available with Enterprise, Waymark video templates are commercially licensed for your business, brand and for resale.
Easy-to-Understand Terms — Our terms are simple to understand and both summarized and fully outlined here.
Email — Email us any time with your questions and we’ll respond within one business day.
Live Chat — Our customer specialist team is available to help in real time and reachable by live chat Monday through Friday, 9am-6pm.
PhoneCall us Monday through Friday, 9am-6pm and a member of our customer specialist team will answer to help you with your question. If no customer specialist is available, we’ll give you a call back within one business day, or more likely within a few hours.
Learning Center — Use our extensive knowledge base, offering detailed answers to frequently asked questions, how-to’s, product details, and more. To explore the Waymark Learning Center visit help.waymark.com.
Community Answers — We have a community-driven Q&A Facebook group where you can easily ask other Waymark users and the Waymark team questions, and get the behind-the-scenes scoop on new features when you chat with our product, operations, and marketing teams. Visit the Waymark community to join.